When you need your site prepped, whether it involves clearing the land, leveling the site or removing large structures, the experts at Next Day Excavating can help. Our Gaithersburg Maryland site prep company has the equipment, experience and manpower to get the job done on time and on budget so you can begin your construction project.

Property Assessment

Before we begin your project, we will come to your site and assess your needs. During this assessment, we will provide you with an estimate of the costs involved in clearing your land and prepping the site for your construction project. We will also give you a start date that we will begin.

Property Survey

Your local jurisdiction will require a survey of the property to outline the boundaries of your land. This is necessary to ensure you are building on the correct lot. The marks made by the surveyor lets us know the exact elevation and required cut or fill to obtain the design elevation. Our staff can read the survey to ensure we prepare your land so that you can conveniently begin your project and can be sure you’re working within the boundaries of the correct property.

Site Clearing

Next Day Excavating is a site clearing company in Gaithersburg Maryland that you can depend on when you need your land cleared. We can prepare the site for a new construction project, remove a driveway or clear the land for new landscaping. There is no job too big or too small. A level site is important when you begin any project. You can rest assured that once we’ve cleared your land, we will remove all debris and level your lot so that it is ready for your new project. This is accomplished by bringing in fill dirt, sand and topsoil as it is needed.

Demolition and Removal

There is no structure too big for Next Day Excavating. The professionals at our site clearing company in Gaithersburg Maryland can take on any job you give us. We have worked on several projects that required removal of large trees, large structures and rocks. Heavy equipment, such as bulldozers, are used to raze buildings and remove large objects from the property.

When you need to prep your site for a construction project or just clearing your land, you need to give the experts at Next Day Excavating a call. We will provide you with professional service that you can rely on. We will make your project our priority and will ensure the job is done right the first time. Call Next Day Excavating for all your site prep in Gaithersburg needs.