There are many steps in the construction process. One of the first steps involves excavating the land. It would be nice if the land you wanted to build on was flat and ready for your new construction. However, it hardly ever works out that way. If you are looking for superior excavating services, then you need to contact Next Day Excavating. We have the heavy equipment, manpower and experience to get the job done on time and on budget.

Vienna Virginia Excavating Services

After the project has been approved and the land surveyed and staked out, it is time to begin the excavation work. Next Day Excavating will obtain the necessary permits for the excavation. Our Vienna excavating company also works closely with other professionals such as utility companies and surveyors to prepare for the dig. Before the actual excavation can begin it is necessary for us to remove any obstacles on the site such as roots, logs, trees, boulders or any other obstruction. We can also demolish any pre-existing structures on the site. We work hard to stay within the site boundaries to minimize damage to surrounding areas.

Excavating the Site

Once the site has been prepped, it is time for the excavation to begin. We will use an excavator, which is a large crane-like piece of heavy equipment, to dig into the ground. There are many reasons why excavation services are needed. Some of these include:

  • to dig out a hole for pools, lakes or ponds
  • to dig out for a well or septic system
  • to dig out for a foundation or basement

We must also not underestimate the importance of backfill services. Once the foundation is complete, we will backfill around the foundation with soil to ensure the structure is watertight. If you need the site prepped for driveways, curbs, gutters or trenches, we can help with that as well. And, since we work closely with utility companies, we can prepare the site for telephone, cable, water and electric lines.

Grading and Drainage of the Site

Once the site has been excavated, it is necessary to smooth the site. Grading is a crucial step in the process and is needed because it:

  • makes the site more efficient
  • allows for easier access to driveways and basements
  • ensures water flows away from the foundation to prevent future water problems

Ensuring proper water drainage is achieved takes a lot of planning. For this reason, Next Day Excavating will determine the type of soil we’re working with as well as study the topography of the land. These factors often determine the flow of water on the land so it is important that we plan with precision.

If you’re interested in excavating services in Venna, then you need to contact us. Your satisfaction is our goal. We will explain the process to you and answer your questions. You will also be kept informed throughout the process. If you want top-notch service that’s second to none, then call us today.