Before any construction work can begin, the site needs to be prepared. This involves excavating the land to create a level lot that will support the foundation. If you’re looking for an experienced and reliable excavation company in Easton, then look no further than Next Day Excavating. We have the manpower, heavy equipment and knowledge to quickly and efficiently excavate your land on time and on budget.

Easton Maryland Excavating Services

Once the project has been approved and the land has been surveyed and staked out, it is time for the site to be prepped. Next Day Excavating will obtain the necessary permits required for the excavation. We will also work closely with other professionals, including utility companies and land surveyors to prepare for the dig. We will also use this time to clear the site of any obstacles which might include trees, shrubs, boulders and logs. It may also be necessary to demolish any structures on the site and our Easton excavating company can do this as well. We will plow the site and smooth the soil. All of this will be performed while ensuring minimal damage is done to the surrounding area.

Excavating the Site

Once the site has been prepped, the actual excavation can begin. We will use an excavator, which is a large crane-like piece of equipment, to burrow into the ground. Excavating services are needed for a variety of reasons including:

  • to dig a hole for a lake, pond or pool
  • to dig for a foundation or basement
  • to dig for a septic system or well

Another very important service that’s part of the excavation is backfilling the site once the foundation has been laid. Backfilling the site is extremely important to ensure the foundation or basement remains watertight once the construction is complete. Our excavating services also includes cutting out driveways, curbs, trenches and gutters. And, because we work so closely with utility companies, we can also prepare the site for water, electric, cable and telephone lines.

Grading and Drainage

The site is not completely prepped and ready for construction until the grading has been completed. This will also entail ensuring proper drainage occurs once the construction is finished. When we grade the site, this basically means we smooth out the soil. Grading is a crucial step in the process as it:

  • makes the site more efficient
  • makes driveways and foundations more accessible
  • prevents future water problems once construction is complete

Next Day Excavating takes the necessary pre-planning steps when it comes to grading the site and allowing for proper drainage. Because water flow is often determined by the type of soil you have and the topography of the land, we will evaluate these factors to determine how to complete this step of the process.

If you’re looking for an excavation company in Easton that has a proven track record of satisfied customers, then look no further than Next Day Excavation. You can count on us to prepare your land to ensure you have a strong support for you new foundation.