Do you wish you could clear the messy brush and trees that surround your home or business? Are you planning to build a new home or add on to the current structure? You need the professional services of a reliable excavating company in Delaware. You need Next Day Excavation.

At Next Day Excavation, you get the kind of high-quality excavation work that you deserve at a price you can afford. Our reputable excavation contractors are fully licensed, bonded, insured, and equipped to handle any size excavation job, no matter what stands in your way. Our complete range of excavation services are completed with a priority on safety. Our contractors will take all safety precautions that are necessary to avoid injury and unnecessary property damage. Our cost-effective approach helps us pass the savings on to you.

When Do You Need A Professional Excavation Company?

The biggest reason to hire a Delaware excavating company is so they can get their property ready for new construction. Clearing the land and getting it ready to pour a foundation is the 1st step when you are planning to build. However, there are many reasons that you will need to have the skills of an excavation contractor.

When you have other plans for a wooded area. Turn your unused property into something you and your family can enjoy. You could create an intimate outdoor entertainment area, set up a delightful children’s play area, or use the land to plant crops or a family garden.

When you require additional excavation services beyond basic land clearing. There are often many other excavation services that necessary on a new construction site. You may need additional grading services to prepare for the pouring of a concrete patio or professional digging to install a basement.

When you decide to install an in-ground swimming pool. You will not only need the area for your new swimming pool cleared, you will also need to have the area dug to the proper specifications.

When you want to clear the overgrowth from your building’s exterior. If the brush and trees around your home or business are getting in the way, you need to hire a qualified expert to remove the mess. Use the space to install walkways, parking space, or an intricate landscaping project.

When you want to show off the beauty of your home. Get rid of the messy woodland growth that is robbing your home of its beauty. Show the world how proud you are of your property.

When you want your property to be safe. Brush and trees that clog your property are more than a nuisance; they can increase your risk of fire. Let the professionals at Next Day Excavation clear away the mess and help keep you and your family safe.

What Next Day Excavation Can Do for You

Grading: We can ensure that your new construction site is completely level and smooth. Our experienced excavation contractors will make sure that the ground is excavated to the proper depth before the foundation is poured, so you can avoid unnecessary problems in the future.

Site Preparation: Our skilled excavation crews are properly equipped to handle any land excavation job you have. We can clear your property of all forest growth and all other obstacles that are in your way. Our team can also take care of all your demolition needs, if there are unwanted structures on the property.

Moving the Dirt Around: Next Day Excavation is your full-service Delaware excavating company. Wherever you have too much dirt (or not enough), we can help you move it.

  • Digging Ponds
  • Digging Sewers
  • Ditch-digging for Gas or Water Lines
  • Road Building
  • Driveway Building
  • Road Grading
  • Trenching
  • Septics
  • Demolition
  • Pool removal 
  • Hauling Gravel

Contact us today at Next Day Excavation to discover your land excavation options.  Serving Wilmington, Newark, Dover, Rehoboth Beach, Lewes, New Castle, Middletown, Milford, Seaford, Georgetown, Millsboro, Harrington, Bethany Beach, Milton and more!