In a perfect world, your land would be ready to lay the foundation for your new construction. But, it rarely ever works like that. To ensure your land is prepared and ready for construction, you need the professional excavating services of Next Day Excavating. We are an excavation company in Columbia providing top-notch excavating services.

Site Preparation

Before any construction work can begin, the site must be excavated. The excavation will begin once the project has been approved and the land has been surveyed and staked out. Next Day Excavating will work closely with other experts, such as utility companies, permit services and land surveyors to prepare for the excavation. During the site prep phase, we will need to remove any obstacles including trees, logs, shrubs, roots and boulders. You can depend on our Columbia excavating company to properly plow the site, smooth the soil and demolish any structures that may be obstructing the site.

Excavating the Site

Next Day Excavation will use an excavator, which is a large piece of heavy machinery, which will allow us to burrow down into the ground and begin digging. There are a variety of reasons why excavation work is needed and some of these reasons are:

  • To dig out foundations and basements
  • To create holes for ponds, pools or lakes
  • To dig out wells and septic systems

Once the foundation has been laid, our team can backfill the site with soil for extra support. We can also cut out driveways, curbs, trenches and gutters. Since we work closely with utility companies, we can prepare your site for electrical, cable, phone and water lines.

Grading the Land

Once the site has been leveled, Next Day Excavating will grade the land. Grading is a necessary part of the process as it:

  • Makes the site more efficient
  • Makes driveways and foundations more accessible
  • Allows for necessary drainage to prevent water problems

Creating proper drainage is essential for ensuring the site doesn’t receive water damage once the construction project is complete. Our excavation team will evaluate the type of soil you have and plan accordingly to maximize the efficiency of your drainage system.

When you choose Next Day Excavating for your excavation needs, you can rest assured you are getting services that are second to none. Our professionals have the knowledge, experience and heavy equipment to get the job done on time and on budget. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. No matter if you need a hole dug for a basement, foundation, pool or other structure, Next Day Excavating has got you covered. Call us today to see how we can help you with your excavating needs.