If you’re embarking on a construction project, then you should know the first step must be excavating the land. In a perfect world, your land would be level and ready for your new construction. But, this rarely, if ever, is the case. If you need a reliable excavation company in Bowie, then you need to contact Next Day Excavating. We have the manpower, equipment and experience to ensure your satisfaction.

Bowie Maryland Excavating Services

Once your project has been approved and the land has been surveyed and staked out, the excavating work can begin. Next Day Excavating will obtain any permits that are required for your excavation. We will also work closely with other experts including utility companies and land surveyors to prepare for the excavation. We will clear the site of any troubling obstacles, such as boulders, trees, roots, logs or brush. If you have a structure on your property that needs to be demolished, we can do that too. We will plow the site and smooth the soil.

Excavation of the Site

Once the site has been prepped, then the actual excavation can begin. We will use a large crane-like piece of equipment called an excavator to dig a hole. There are a variety of reasons why excavation services are needed. Some of the most common excavation projects we work on are for:

  • digging a hole for a pool, pond or lake
  • foundation or basement
  • septic system preparation

Once the foundation is set, it is necessary to backfill around the foundation with soil. This prevents future water damage by making the foundation or basement watertight. In addition to backfill services, we can also prepare for:

  • driveways
  • curbs
  • gutters
  • trenches
  • utility lines

Grading and Drainage of the Site

The final step in the excavation process is grading. We will smooth the soil so that it will be a strong support for the foundation. Grading is crucial because it involves making sure water flows away from your property. This will prevent future water problems. Grading the soil is crucial as it makes the property more efficient, makes driveways and basements more accessible and prevents water problems once the construction is complete. Grading involves extensive pre-planning to ensure a satisfactory outcome. We will determine which type of soil we’ll be working with and will also study the topography of the land. Water flow is often determined by these two factors so taking these into consideration during the planning phase is needed.

Choosing a Bowie excavating company for your excavating needs is a big step. You want to work with a company you can trust and who will get the job done on time and on budget. Next Day Excavating will explain the process to you, answer your questions and keep you informed throughout the excavating process. Your satisfaction is our number one goal. If you’re ready to get started with your excavation, then it’s time to call Next Day Excavating so we can get started on your project.