Did you know that excavation is the first step in any construction project? This first crucial step must be performed thoroughly and correctly to ensure the success of the entire project. When you need dependable and professional excavating services when it comes to your basement excavation project, you need to call the experts at our Rockville basement excavating company. We have the experience, manpower and equipment to get the job done on time and on budget.

Basement Site Preparation In Rockville – Bethesda & All Of Montgomery County

Proper site prep is the key to ensuring a successful construction project. Our team in Montgomery County will remove trees, shrubs, rocks and any other obstructions from the site so that the basement excavation can begin. We have the heavy equipment needed to demolish and remove large structures from the site as well. Once the site has been cleared, our equipment is used for moving soil, grading and leveling the lot. We try to be as gentle as possible with structures and landscaping outside the construction area. However, if there is any landscaping or other structures within the construction area, you can expect it to be gone once the excavation starts.

Digging the Hole

Once the site has been cleared and prepped, we will use a piece of equipment called an excavator, to dig the hole. An excavator can dig deep into the ground so digging deep enough for your basement is no problem. Using the excavator, it can be done with ease. A solid foundation is crucial for any construction project which is why we may add backfill soil. This will allow for proper drainage which is important for any foundation.

Site Cleanup

Once the site has been cleared and the hole has been dug, we will clean up the property. Our services are the best when it comes to leaving your property ready for the next phase of the construction process. Once we’ve cleaned up all the debris, we will haul it away.

Because you want your construction project to be successful, it is important that the excavating process is done properly. When you call Next Day Excavating, you can rest assured knowing that your project is our priority and that your property will receive the care and attention it deserves. Our Bethesda – Rockville basement excavating services will treat you with professionalism and answer any questions you may have and address your concerns throughout the process.